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Happy February!

Written By: plgoldsmith - Feb• 02•13

Here is Monday’s bellwork if you want to try it early.

  1. It snowed and Bobby had to shovel for his parents. It took 30 minutes to do the steps, 45 minutes to do the path, and one hour to do the driveway. How long did he shovel? Write it in time and as a fraction. 
  2. If he gets paid $3.75 an hour by his parents to shovel, how much did he make? His neighbor (who has the same amount to shovel) wants him to do the same job, but will pay $4.75 per hour. How much money will he make for both? How much more did he make working for his neighbor?

Happy Holidays!

Written By: plgoldsmith - Dec• 21•12

And here is some work to keep your mind on school. Copy this. ( or print it )

Fred and his mother decided to sponsor a fund raiser for school. To raise money they decided to sell school mascot baseball caps.. They got prices from  two companies. Kool Lids would sell caps to Fred for $8.50 each and Fred would have to  pay a $25.00 shipping fee for his order. Hot  Hats would sell him caps for $12.00 each but no charge for shipping. Fred expects to sell at least 25 caps.  Write equations for both companies.

How much would 25 caps cost from Hot Hats? How much would they be from Kool Lids?

How many caps should he buy from Kool Lids for the best price?

How many from Hot Hats would be the best bargain?

At how many caps is the number of caps and price about the same for both companies?

Complete T- tables for both companies and graph both on one graph sheet. Use two different colored pencils and cirle the point where the two cap companies are equal.

To complete this assignment, you need a graph, two tables, two equations and answers to all five questions

Here’s another problem;

  1. Each batch of 48 cookies that Amy makes takes 20 minutes in the oven. If the oven is on for 3 hours and 55 minutes (15 minutes for preheating), how many cookies did Amy make?

Enjoy your break. We teachers certainly will!


Homework for Tuesday, Dec.18

Written By: plgoldsmith - Dec• 18•12

It’s been a little while so let’s try this: find the prime factorization of the following numbers: 625;  98;  65;  100,000;  29; 1025;  90;  322;  325;  and 20,000,000. Remember to use exponents in the last answer and make sure you have only PRIMES in the last line. Good Luck!

Here’s one more.

  1. Brian wants a 7 and 1/2 foot Christmas tree. Which of these trees is a better buy? Explain.
    A.) All trees $42
    B.) $6 a foot
    C.) First 4 feet $22; each additional foot $6

Thursday Dec. 6

Written By: plgoldsmith - Dec• 06•12

Do ACE 9 – 15 in the third investigation. Just write the equations.

Also try this: What is 5 tredecillion times 7 sexdecillion?  Careful! This may not have a name! Express it in scientifis notation.

Homework for Thursday 29 December

Written By: plgoldsmith - Nov• 29•12

Ace 2 and 3 in Investigation 3. Ace 3 needs a graph sketched.


Tonight”s Homework

Written By: plgoldsmith - Nov• 27•12

This is for Tuesday, the 26. Please do ACE #1 in Investigation 3. That starts on page 55. Also if you want a head start on tomorrow’s bellwork, here it is.

Four boys played on the Painterville Packers Pony League team. The numbers on their jerseys were 64, 17, 6, and 4. Edgar’s number is the cubic root of Elijah’s number. Eugene’s number is the product of the first 3 counting ( whole ) numbers. Ernest’s number has only two factors. Which number did each boy wear?

A Place Far, Far Away!

Written By: plgoldsmith - Nov• 26•12

Congratulations! You have found light travels about five trillion, eight hundred fifty six billion, six hundred ninety six million miles in a year, or 5.856696 X 10 t0 the 12 power. Three stars relatively close to us are Proxima Centauri 4.24 light years, Barnard’s Star 5.96 light years and Wolf 359 at 7.78 light years away. If Wolf 359 exploded in a super nova, how many years would it take for the light from the explosion to be seen by us here on Earth? Write this number in standard form and using scientific notation. Copy this. Turn in in to me tomorrow.

Happy Turkey Day! ( try this. )

Written By: plgoldsmith - Nov• 20•12

Since we are working on scientific notation try this problem out.

Light moves at about 186,00 miles in a second. It takes a little more than 8 minutes for light from the sun to reach us and the sun is 93,000,000 miles away. Here is your problem. If light travels 186,000 miles in a second, how far will light travel in a year? How many seconds are in a year? Express this answer in scientific notation. No help from mom or dad! See if you can solve this on your own.

Having a Good Weekend?

Written By: plgoldsmith - Nov• 09•12

Here is something to do til I see you again.

1) At a family reunion, Jill and her 11 cousins were expected to greet each other before they went outside to play. The other cousins are named: Mary, Larry,  Sarah, Maria, Joey, Kenny, Cindy, Sammy, Jane, Regis and Tony. If they greeted each other in order, how many greetings did each cousin give? How many greetings were given in all?

2) The girls in Miss Stanton’s class were comparing the number of books they read. Alicia read 14 more books than Irene. Mary read 6 less books than Irene but 9 more books than Kathy. Alicia and Sarah together read 71 books. Jolene read 7 fewer books than Sarah, who read 41 books. Maybeth read twice as many books as Mary. How many books did each girl read?

3) Complete ACE problems 10 – 12 in your text book, after Investigation 2. Write questions for 12. Answer everything.

Bring all three assignments to class Wednesday.